Why is rammed earth right for you? 

One of the most compelling reasons to use rammed earth is that it is a very beautiful and tactile material.  With a natural sedimentary sandstone appearance that is available in a multitude of colours, it is possible to create some extremely interesting structural art.  In addition, with thickness of the walls (typically 22 inches for exterior load bearing walls) the building has a very solid feel.  

From a performance point of view rammed earth has many benefits.  When combined with a core of rigid insulation the thermal performance of the wall can be well above current industry standards.   Without considering any of the benefits of the thermal mass, our typical wall specification would have a true R value of just over R40.  When the soil is stabilized with an appropriate amount of portland cement it is possible to achieve compressive strengths similar to poured concrete at a fraction of the cement content.  This leads to not only good structural performance but also excellent durability.  

Occupant health and comfort is the top priority of Tapial Homes. Rammed earth contains no harmful toxins and because the rammed earth does not need to be finished with any other material there is no off-gassing to worry about.  The ability of rammed earth to absorb and release humidity improves the indoor air quality of a building. In addition the thick insulated walls decrease sound transmission, creating a home that has much reduced noise pollution. Finally rammed earth is an inorganic material and as such will not decay or support the growth of mold.